Computer Troubleshooting

Have you ever been staring at the computer screen only to find that it has just given you an error message? How about the "Blank Blue Screen of Death", heralding the imminent demise of your hard drive? Do you feel comfortable troubleshooting a computer? Don't worry; you've come to the right place.

At Rapid Response we specialize in troubleshooting computer problems. Sometimes software problems appear, to the user, as possible hardware problems. Our computer troubleshooting staff can tell the difference and often return your machine to you within a day or two.

The next time your staring a frozen computer screen, your computer's response slows to a crawl or you have a system that just won't start, call the professionals at Rapid Response Computer Service to troubleshoot your computer.

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Does your computer 'freeze-up'? Have you noticed your computer running slower than normal? Does your computer hardware give you trouble or has it stopped working altogether?

Computer Repair Service

While there are numerous questions to be asked when dealing with computer repair, there is only one answer, Rapid Response Computer Service of NJ.

If your computer is in need of repair, our New Jersey Computer Repair team can do the job. Servicing Central and Southern New Jersey as well as the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Rapid Response will repair computers either on or offsite.

Our A+ certified technicians are some of the most rigorously qualified Computer Repair technicians in New Jersey, equipped with state of the art technology to complete your onsite repairs promptly and accurately.

Our computer repair services include troubleshooting software and hardware as well as the repair of name brand equipment such as: IBM, DELL, HP, Compaq, Acer, Sony, Toshiba and Gateway. As for the "no name" brands, we'll repair those, too.

Our New Jersey Computer Repair Service Comes To You!

Avoid the inconvenience of disconnecting your computer system and bringing it to a technician offsite, Rapid Response's highly trained technicians can repair your computer onsite in the comfort of your home or office. Or, if you prefer, bring your computer to our Robbinsville, New Jersey offices for speedy and precise repair. Our friendly NJ computer repair technicians will be glad to assist you.

Data Recovery

If you've ever had a hard drive crash, you know how important it is to have a back-up of your data.

Unfortunately, most of us do not back up our data and in many cases can't locate the original program disks. We then wonder what critical data is lost forever and what effect it will have on our lives. Will it impact our ability to do our tax returns, balance our checkbook, track our investments or access our e-mail lists?

It is almost always the case that the science of data recovery is also the art of data recovery. Here at Rapid Response Computer Service we specialize in New Jersey data recovery and offsite data backup services.

Our state of the art hardware and software often allows us to fully recover data that is believed to be lost forever. So, the next time disaster strikes and you lose all of your data, remember, all is not lost. Call Rapid Response and schedule a New Jersey data recovery service on your hard drive.

Our New Jersey Data Recovery technicians will help you and your company restore inaccessible, lost or deleted data. Upon recovering your data, you may also wish to use the services of our New Jersey Computer Repair team to ensure your computer is working properly.

Offsite Data Backup

Whether you're a large company or small in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, good Information Technology Practices dictate implementation of a plan for offsite backup.

Save With Offsite Data Backup Services.

Imagine what a fire would do to your business; the customer records, accounts receivable files, general ledger and journals that would be lost. Any prudent manager would insure against such risks.

Here at Rapid Response Computer Service we are pleased to offer offsite backup and data services. We know that there is no insurance policy in the world that can replace lost data. The time and effort expended in reconstruction of key information can cripple a business enterprise. The Rapid Response team can take the worry out of the offsite backup data services and protect your key data from total destruction. If data is already lost, no worries either! We offer data recovery services.

The Offsite Data Backup Process:

Our offsite backup program starts with a thorough review of your key data, which helps you to understand how data is categorized and the importance and need for its protection. This is all included in the offsite backup plan.

Once the plan is developed and approved, we will take care of the details and allow you, as a business owner, to get a good night's sleep.

Remember, when planning data backup, an offsite backup plan should be included in your overview. Your business is too important to leave data protection to chance.

Virus and Malware Removal

Has your computer been acting strangely lately? How are you protecting your computer from the next computer virus attack? Is your virus removal software up to date with the latest virus definitions? Do you even have software that identifies and removes the latest viruses?

If you think that your computer may have a virus, please contact Rapid Response Computer Service right away! We specialize in virus removal and are ready to combat all of the latest virus threats.

In a recent poll, anti-virus specialists found that 95% of all PC's actively using the Internet have some kind of virus infection. Chances are your computer has some type of virus of which you are unaware.

New viruses are created and distributed throughout the Internet each day. Did you know that there are over 100,000 computer viruses in existence today? These viruses are man made programs that cause unexpected, usually negative events within a computer. A computer virus can be compared with the flu. Everyone, at one time or another will catch the flu; the same is true with computers and computer viruses.

Viruses, spyware and adware are some of the biggest problems for computer users today. It is extremely important to have the latest virus protection and receive regular check ups for infections. Rapid Response Computer Service will both remove the infections from your computer and prevent them from coming back.

Let Rapid Response cleanse your computer of viruses and keep your computer running at optimum levels.

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Computer Networking

Computer networking has become more complex and challenging as technology improves and an even greater variety of devices, software and connection platforms are made available. Gone are the days of "single thread" dedicated computer networks serving your business without access to the Internet.

With today's computer network, handheld devices such as cell phones, PDA's and Blackberry's, all with various operating systems, store a great deal of information (i.e.: sales exhibits, company directories, e-mail lists, business calendars) and are integrated with Internet access to the office servers so that customers can be better served.

Most printers and laptops are equipped to communicate with the computer network over wireless hubs. The essential services are still being transported over Category Five Ethernet cable.

How do you design a computer network so that all of these devices work together seamlessly? What devices are right for your business's use and how do you create and maintain security in this ever-changing world of computer networks?

Rest easy; you came to the right place. Rapid Response Computer Service can help. We can create a secure framework around an existing computer network, tweak an already existing system or help you plan the next generation system necessary to meet your business needs.

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Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is one of the more compelling technologies to be realized in the last ten years. Intel did its part to support the technology when it included support for the IEEE standard 11.G wireless communications. Verizon has one of the largest broadband wireless networks of its kind anywhere in the world and wireless networking routers are being utilized in homes and offices all across the country.

Wireless network growth has had effects on other equipment offerings besides routers. Most printers sold in the United States today are wireless networking ready. Laptops are sold in increasing numbers with the Intel Centrino chip set, which includes the 11.G standard.

Many experts are concerned about security issues associated with this technological boon.

What should your business do before implementing this technology in your office?

Call Rapid Response Computer Service for a free evaluation and installation plan.

We want your business to be safe and secure. We are here to support you and your business needs.

Think of us as your “Help Desk”. Call Now!

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Computer Network Design

Computer Network Design is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business model. If you're a small to medium-sized business, with two to two hundred employees, then the design phase of a computer network has probably been overlooked and you are now paying the price in lost productivity due to: obsolete hardware, slow response, device failure, software contamination, poor application development or physical destruction due to fire, theft or vandalism. These are just a few of the reasons to plan computer network design and allow us provide your business with a free evaluation of your network.

We will interview you to get a sense of your business's direction and business plan. Soon thereafter, we will be able to provide a design strategy so that the right structure is developed and implemented to meet both your current and future computer network needs.

Once we conclude our evaluation, our recommendations to you will be cost effective and practical. Your computer network design will support your business and protect it. This network design will allow for system growth and will integrate other portable handheld devices and communication equipment.

The good news is that this computer network plan will be implemented over time distributing the cost while maintaining design flexibility. Key support elements can be added as business needs develop.

Don't hesitate to call Rapid Response Computer Service and make an appointment that will be the beginning of new efficiency and productivity for your business.

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Computer Network Installation

Once your computer network design is complete it's time to plan an installation that focuses on the business's needs and budget. Computer network installation at Rapid Response Computer Service is a "turn key network delivery", which allows the client to focus on business opportunities. No more worrying about receiving devices, incompatible software or not receiving necessary drivers. An ensemble of highly trained, technically proficient personnel drawn from our business partner resources will complete the computer network installation.

From hard wiring to wireless routers, hubs and security devices our computer network installation team keeps you informed and involved while being sensitive of your valuable time.

Take a break from your busy schedule and call the professionals at Rapid Response Computer Service.

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Computer Network Security

All networking security begins with the PC. The whole implication of networking is that two or more computers are linked together by a common communications link. In the case of the Internet perhaps thousands of computers are linked to yours while surfing the Web.

Computer security is the process of protecting your computer from unauthorized use.

Intruders may not care about your identity. Often they want to gain control of your computer so they can use it to launch attacks on other computer systems.

Obtaining control of your computer gives the intruder an opportunity to launch attacks against other machines without being traced.

Theft of services, identity, corporate and personal information theft are some of the fastest growing crimes in the United States.

With today's complex software, hackers are continually looking for new ways to penetrate networking security and do harm to the system.

Software manufacturers release downloadable patches to compensate for these hackers and plug the holes in networking security exploited by them.

Of course, users and networking security administrators must be constantly vigilant to prevent intrusion, minimize the effects of a breach in networking security and promptly download patches while insuring that the patches themselves are safe and effective ways of preventing further network security breaches.

Before taking on the bad guys all by yourself you should enlist the aid of a partner who can help with prevention, detection and removal of viruses, worms and other network security breaches, which can damage your system and result in lost productivity.

Before the problem becomes a nightmare call Rapid Response Computer Service for a free evaluation and networking security plan.

Call now!

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Virtual Machines

When it comes to purchasing a new server for you business whether as a replacement or a new implementation, sometimes the up front cost can be too much for businesses to justify. New technology allows for businesses to explore a different option than purchasing new hardware. Virtual machines allow for several different operating systems to be hosted in one physical machine. Rapid Response Computer Service hosts servers at our data center where we have high end bandwidth and clean energy running through our servers.

We can provide a company with a server hosted by Rapid Response Computer Service that our company maintains for only a small monthly fee. Your business will be set up the same as if you had a server at your location, however, you would not have to worry about an up front multi thousand dollar cost.

Additionally, if you need more hard drive space, more memory to increase server speed, among other upgrades, they can be performed easily at any time which can be extremely difficult when owning your own hardware. This is an option that has started to be more attractive to businesses who would rather rent virtual servers rather than purchasing new hardware for a large sum of money and then need to worry about not only maintaining their hardware but also worry about the depreciating value of their hardware. Since server life expectancy is about seven years, by going with the virtual server option your company would not have to worry about hardware replacement costs every seven years or so.

If you would like more information regarding virtual servers, please give us a call and we can speak more about this option.



Laptop Repair

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Security Systems

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